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Cosmic Italiana






2x Vinyl LP


UK & Europe

Release date

Jul 29, 2022

Tenderlonious Lorenzo Morresi Montpellier

The highly anticipated long player from DJ, producer and musician Lorenzo Morresi alongside 22a label boss, DJ, producer and musician Tenderlonious, sees them serve up 11 irresistible tracks inspired by Italo jazz funk and the Italian library sound.

"With this project we’ve done our best to deliver our own interpretation of this wonderful era of Italian music and rediscover a beautiful genre, whilst maintaining a strong respect and admiration for the sounds that the original Italian masters created. Their records impressed and inspired us and we hope it will be the same for our listeners today."

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Cosmic Italiana



Bazar Milano



Nuda Sorgente



Tema Cinque



Doppio Sogno









5 AM



Movimento Astratto








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COLORE VIVO is a concept album with an atypical genesis: the idea was born from a sequence of images, as the soundtrack for a movie (never made) on the exploration of the uses and customs of archaic and mysterious populations. The soundscape he paints shows an extraordinary coherence in this. Bjondo is an artisan, as in the tradition of the great masters of the Italian Mondo Films, and it’s precisely to that manual knowledge, to that exploration and to those sounds that the disc is most recalled. The artist's research and his eclecticism translate into the wise use of rudimentary tools (bamboo, pieces of wood, stones, vases, necklaces and even a sort of self-made berimbau) to obtain unique and unclassifiable exotic sounds. His research on the evocative skills of primordial sounds breaks with the COLORE VIVO is a concept album with an atypical genesis: the idea was born from a sequence of images, as the soundtrack for a movie (never made) on the exploration of the uses and customs of archaic and mysterious populations.His research on the evocative skills of primordial sounds breaks with the narrowness of the genre and opens up to total experimentation.Each listening opens the window of imagination on other worlds. A dizzying look at the lost memory that is hidden inside each of us. A continuous (re) discovery! There's strong Gamelan music inspiration. Gamelan music can be describe as the traditional ensemble music of Java and Bali in Indonesia, made up predominantly of percussive instruments. The most common instruments used are metallophones played by mallets and a set of hand-played drums called kendhang which register the beat.
New Omar S album featuring John F.M, Rick Wilhilte, Norm Talley and O B Ignitt. Omar-S always does things his own way and always hits hard, this time doubling up on that title with some of his tighest and brightest productions for - oooh - a good few weeks at least.This is wall-to-wall good shit, House bangers stripped bare, loads of space, endless hooks - basically undeniably deadly gear, especially on 'Mell'like Boom Boom In'dair!' with its completely fucking riotous hybrid of a squashed acid line and bounced snares, something like Wordy Rappinghood if it were re-worked by MMM and Theo Parrish.yasss.
On behalf of re:discovery records, it is with great excitement that we announce the Adham Shaikh compilation titled 'Early Works 92-94'.Adham Shaikh is a treasured ambient, dub and keyboardist artist out of Vancouver Canada who's early to mid-90's tracks found their way to seminal labels like Instinct, Dossier, Interchill and his own label Modulation Elektronik.This collection represents a choice selection of key early works that begins with 'Ascend', whose spacey dub atmosphere is one of the 1990's hidden ambient dub gems. 'Vapor' complete's the a-side with its other-wordly trip into organic and spatial dub ambience. The b-side features the 16+ minute magnificent ethereal odyssey 'Windgate 11:11', that has been a fan favourite for over 25 years now. The 22-minute peak track named 'Oberon (Greymatter) that spreads across the C side was taken from his debut EP 'Realignment' of his Modulation Elektronik label in 1993. Perhaps the most proto-techno track on here, it is prime example of the freeform expression of the time in ambient dub. The last track featured here is one that shares the same title; Adham Shaikh's most revered and most beloved album 'Journey to the Sun'.
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Le label Born Bad a sorti une compilation rendant hommage à l’europop et à la proto-house française des années 1990 à 1995.Curaté par les DJs Belec et Sainte Rita, l’album revient sur l’histoire de « la variante franchouillarde de la dance pop anglaise », s’interrogeant sur l’arrivée de la house en France et ses liens avec la variété de la fin des années 80, alors que les premières musiques électroniques étaient à la fois omniprésentes et diabolisées.Au programme : dix pépites nostalgiques francophones agréablement kitsch aux influences new beat, dream house, pop, trip hop et rap, reflétant parfaitement l’ambiance ingénue et rêveuse du début des années 90.While the French were building towards the global explosion of French Touch and the arrival of Daft Punk on the world stage, the British were busy getting off their tits in fields up and down the country to a mix of rave, breakbeat and jungle. This fascinating collection is the sound of a load of French artists essentially having a go at British dance music, aping rave culture and emulating club trends. It's curious and fun, with melodic tracks, expansive grooves and plenty of sinewy synths all making a new dance language that is familiar yet different to the one we all know and love. Importantly, it all works well.

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