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Lucy Duncombe
Brace / Mend

Brace / Mend




1x Vinyl 10" Single



Release date

Jul 1, 2021

Lucy Duncombe - Brace / Mend - 12th Isle

12th Isle quickly follow on from the double LP 'Athenian Primitivism' by Christos Chondropoulos with two recordings from performance, voice and sound artist Lucy Duncombe. Cut to 10" vinyl and mastered by Morgan Buckley (Wah Wah Wino), 'Brace / Mend' are collaborative works exploring an early musical fascination with theatrical vocal transposition and its duality with machinic interference and technologies. Lucy recently expanded upon this practice with a joint tape release with DJ Crud (Al White) entitled THE RAPTURE OF CELLULAR ACCRETION. This limited run single continues 12th Isle's on-going relationship with musicians in their city of Glasgow.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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