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Les Super Kadumaa
Agbadze Vovo / Tsoe Vi Menye

Agbadze Vovo / Tsoe Vi Menye
Agbadze Vovo / Tsoe Vi MenyeAgbadze Vovo / Tsoe Vi Menye


VC 1


1x Vinyl 7" 45 RPM Single



Release date

Jan 1, 1975

Les Super Kadumaa ‎– Agbadze Vovo / Tsoe Vi Menye - Intophone 1975 Highlife band from 70's based in Togo.

Les Super Kadumaa ‎– Agbadze Vovo / Tsoe Vi Menye - Intophone 1975
Highlife band from 70's based in Togo. Just a couple of singles have been released, very rare

Media: VGi
Sleeve: Generic


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Agbadze Vovo


Tsoe Vi Menye

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