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Portico Quartet Ensemble
Terrain (Extended)

Terrain (Extended)
Terrain (Extended)Terrain (Extended)Terrain (Extended)Terrain (Extended)Terrain (Extended)Terrain (Extended)Terrain (Extended)




1x Vinyl LP Album Limited Edition Numbered Stereo1x Vinyl 12" Single Sided



Release date

Nov 25, 2022

Portico Quartet Le Discopathe Montpellier

Featuring an expanded version of their long-form composition Terrain and re-arranged for the Portico Quartet Ensemble and recorded live in Studio One

Terrain (Extended) features an expanded version of the composition re-arranged for the Portico Quartet Ensemble – a subtle re-configuration of the band that features a string quartet - and which allowed for the composition's deeper textures and resonances to be fully explored, along the way expanding the dialogue between tranquillity and a subtly unsettling melancholy, that makes Terrain such a beautiful, powerful piece.

9th November 2021 was a very special session. The band (who had first recorded at Abbey Road for their second album Isla back in 2009), brought long-term collaborator, recording and mix engineer, Greg Freeman over from Berlin to work with Abbey Road’s Chris Bolster and the resulting concert film Terrain (Extended) - Live in Studio One An Abbey Road 90th Session received it’s world premiere broadcast on the Gondwana Youtube channel on Thursday 20th October. Now Gondwana Records is super proud to announce the ultimate collector’s edition of this special recording. Limited to just 1500 individually numbered and stamped LPs and 1000 CDs.

Recorded live at Abbey Road Studio One. Mixed in Berlin by the band’s longterm collaborator Greg Freeman. Audio mastered by John Davis at Metropolis Studios. Vinyl cut by John Davis at Metropolis Studios

Available only on beautiful transparent clear two disc vinyl pressed at Optimal in Germany or on limited edition CD or digital download

LP and CD are presented in an uncoated gatefold sleeve printed in Pantone Cool Gray 4 with release details sticker.

In addition, the LP features a 12 page booklet with a half front page and translucent paper overlay, glued into a gatefold and the CD features 12-page booklet, glued into a gatefold.
Designed by veil projects.

Each LP and CD are hand stamped and the LP comes packed in reusable 'Japanese style’ polyprop sleeves - with sealable flap - for protection

Recording Credits:

Duncan Bellamy - drum set, MPC1000 sampler
Jack Wyllie - saxophone, prepared piano
Taz Modi - Prophet 08, Juno 60, bass guitar
Keir Vine - hang drums, piano
Simmy Singh - violin
Joy Becker - violin
Laura Senior - violin
Rachel Shakespeare - cello

Mixed by Greg Freeman and Portico Quartet
Engineer – Chris Bolster
Assistant Engineers – Marta Di Nozzi / Daniel Hayden

Audio Mastered and vinyl cut by John Davis at Metropolis Studios

Designed as collectors items these editions will not be re-pressed.

Strictly-limited to 1500 LPs & 1000 CDs, stamped with a unique number.

The LP includes a download code offering a digital version in 24bit / 96

Recorded live at Abbey Road Studio One. Mixed in Berlin by the band’s long-term collaborator Greg Freeman. Audio mastered by and vinyl cut by John Davis at Metropolis Studios.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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