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Makaya McCraven
Where We Come From (Chicago X London Mixtape)

Where We Come From (Chicago X London Mixtape)
Where We Come From (Chicago X London Mixtape)Where We Come From (Chicago X London Mixtape)Where We Come From (Chicago X London Mixtape)Where We Come From (Chicago X London Mixtape)Where We Come From (Chicago X London Mixtape)Where We Come From (Chicago X London Mixtape)

Makaya McCRAVEN Where We Come From: Chicago x London Mixtape International Anthem US

Another big record from International Anthem. In 2017 at London's Total Refreshment Centre, Chicago's Makaya McCraven teamed up a host of UK jazz talent; Nubya Garcia / Soweto Kinch / Joe Armon-Jones / Kamaal Williams and Theon Cross for what has now become a legendary London jazz session. The next day these tracks where reinterpreted by producers LeFtO / Don Leisure & Earl Jeffers / Ben LaMar Gay / Emma-Jean Thackray / Quiet Dawn and Lexus Blondin. On returning to Chicago, Makaya compiled these works into the 'Where We Come From (Chicago X London Mixtape)'.

Where We Come From: Chicago x London Mixtape
International Anthem US

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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McCraven On The Mic



Ox Tales



Suite For Artis Gilmore



Jupiter Jawn



The Oracle



The Bounce!



King Drive, '86 Cutlass, No Plates



Run 'Dem



Too Shy






Birthday Solo



TRC Thank You Outro



Where We Come From


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