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Queer + Black

Queer + Black
Queer + BlackQueer + BlackQueer + BlackQueer + Black






1x Vinyl LP



Release date

Feb 18, 2022

Queer + Black Le Discopathe - Montpellier

Queer + Black serves as an introduction to Grove's experience of the world. Tunes to get sweaty in the dance to, as well as contemplate sexuality, class + race.

The range of influences for the tracks span from the power felt in decolonising our spaces (with the toppling of the Edward Colston statue), to the feeling of euphoria during a rave for queer people of colour, to calling for a focus on how landlordism + classism is keeping inequality rife in society. All soundtracked by dark dance, hip-hop and dancehall-infused beats.

Media: VG+i
Sleeve: NM or M-


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Ur Boyfriend's Wack






Fuck Ur Landlord


Ring A Roses


Ur Boyfriend's Wack (UR Worst Nightmare Remix)




BBB (Dark + Nutty Remix)

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It’s an album harbouring a prophetic philosophy and a vision of ideality, an album whose music seeks to not only entertain, inspire and charm, but also to create a community of like minded individuals searching to follow their dreams, and find their true path in life.“I’d finished my tour for Sexuality and needed to recharge and re-motivate myself to go and make a new record,” says Tellier. “But I was a little bit… lost. I was looking for a subject that I was passionate about.” It was this search, this quest for spiritual and musical inspiration that led Tellier to take heed of the advice that “ to be able to make pure music, you have to focus on removing yourself, distancing yourself from your dreams.”As such, Tellier began to notice a pattern in his dreams, and one which would go on to become the foundation of his latest oeuvre: “It had a really strong effect on me, I realised that I had blue dreams, I was having blue visions. When I went back to Paris to start making music, I wrote while thinking about what this meant, thinking about blue dreams, about spirituality, about truth.”With inspiration firmly back in place – the quest to understand and to realise one’s dreams - the creation of My God is Blue was able to commence. Starting things off in his usual manner, Tellier went about composing his newest creation in his studio in his apartment, before completing the record alongside reputed producer and Ed Banger stalwart, Mr Flash. “Each song holds a message within to be uncovered” says Tellier of the lyrical thread of the album. Leading single and opening track, the choral, grandiose ‘Pépito Bleu’ for example, carries the missive of “self reinvention” and “having the imagination to dream.”Citing artists such as “Michael Jackson and George Michael” as musical inspirations for this album, it’s clear the Tellier hasn’t lost his knack or desire for a pop pinch and serious dance floor appeal. A track such as ‘Cochon Ville’, for example, plays host to enrapturing rhythms and outlandishly catchy melodic hooks designed to entrance, mystify and seduce the listener as only Sébastien Tellier knows how, and to “put the imaginary, put dreams back at the centre of our consciousness.”Throughout his career, Tellier has been inspired, almost infatuated with different mentally, spiritually and physically provocative subjects, with each such infatuation going on to conceive a vision and a theme for an album. From 2004’s Politics, through to the hugely successful Sexuality in 2008, Tellier has spent the past decade practising and mastering the art of igniting a flash of inspiration into a blazing inferno of realised creativity. “I’m always inspired by a current subject, like sexuality, politics, and truth were the subjects of my first album. But in fact, you need to talk about the mystery of these subjects.”It’s this mystery that provides the real spark to these 12 tracks, with deep rooted philosophy woven through the album’s core and transmitted through mystical, sumptuous, spirited lyrics. There’s a vision encompassed in each melodic transition and shift, but more than that, there’s an invitation to enlightenment that pulsates through the essence of the songs, a vision and a promise which is strengthened by the union, the kinship of the online community being built around and through the music, L’Alliance Bleue (The Blue Alliance). “The aim of L’Alliance Bleue is to create a place of freedom… that’s what L’Alliance Bleue is to me, in a literal sense.” A collective with an “ambition to revolutionise our relationship with the world and all it contains”, Tellier aspires to create an “an amusement park for adults”, an online community where ‘followers’ are invited to share visions and to build ideas together under the musical guidance of My God Is Blue, a veritable discothèque of light, of colour, of spiritual vibrancy and of shimmering vision.From the first rattles of debut single ‘Fantino’ back in 2001, through to the enduring popularity of 2005’s sumptuous ‘La Ritournelle’ and the smash hit success of Eurovision touted ‘Divine’, Tellier has proved himself to be the undisputed king of a pop classic with a psychical, sensual and physical pull. His latest work presents a transcendental record of far reaching prowess and a road to a thoroughly modern, community led enlightenment. My God Is Blue is the work of a composer, a poet, a visionary, an inventor, and it’s merely opening the door to a world of thought and revelation which is yet to fully unfold. His ambition is to “bring back the imaginary, to revive dreaming…” It’s an invitation, and what a glorious place Sébastien Tellier’s imagination is proving to be.
Habitat, an environmental music collaboration by Berlin based composer Niklas Kramer and percussionist Joda Foerster, is inspired by the drawings of Italian architect Ettore Sottsass. Each of the eight tracks represents a room in an imaginary building.In Habitat the duo layers, loops and merges sonic textures and patterns into fluid blocks without the restraint of statics. African log drum, Bolivian chajchas, vibraphone, kalimba and various other percussion instruments are processed, pitched, harmonised and filtered through modular synth and script based sample cutting to form a collage of asynchronous layers.By using acoustic instruments and expanding their sound into abstract shapes, Habitat evokes a vague intimacy, a curious state of comfort in the unknown.