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Paula Tape


Paula Tape - Astroturismo | Rhythm Section International (RS048) - main
Paula Tape - Astroturismo | Rhythm Section International (RS048) - 1Paula Tape - Astroturismo | Rhythm Section International (RS048) - 2


Body Nature











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Rhythm Section International (RS048)

1x Vinyl 12" EP

Date: 1 nov. 2021, UK

After learning her craft at an after-hours club in her hometown of Santiago de Chile, a pivotal move to Milan at the end of 2015 proved to be the ticket that would propel Paula Tape into the European club circuit. Six years later Paula has made a name for herself as a purveyor of eclectic selections, stomping Italo beats, percussive balearic excursions and synth-heavy rarities, both through her international DJ sets and shows on Worldwide FM and Milan’s Radio Raheem.

With two EPs under her belt via Alzaya & SOBO, collaborations with Project Pablo, Iñigo Vontier, Volantis, Tornado Wallace & Elias Mazian to boot, and standout singles on Permanent Vacation, Ransom Note Records & our very own 2020 ‘SHOUTS’ compilation, we are buzzing to announce this knockout four-tracker from the Chilean producer. In the last 12 months she’s taken the Mixmag Lab & Boiler Room by storm, and with a slew of international tour dates and forthcoming releases lined up, 2021 looks set to be Paula’s year.

Our first window into the ‘Astroturismo’ project is ‘Body Nature’, a light and lively opener which manages to be both an upbeat, uplifting dancefloor-friendly roller and a breezy poolside companion. Playfully layering bouncy drum patterns and a variety of timely percussive touches (cowbells, whistles and triangles are thrown in mischievously and sprinkled with ease) with a melody that quickly finds its way into your heels and hips, Paula masterfully builds and brightens throughout the 5 minutes. ‘Body Nature’ also features vocals from the artist herself, subtly calling to early 90s inspirations. The track sets the tone for a fresh and energetic electronic EP, formed of the polyrhythmic patterns and airy drum arrangements Paula has become known for. ‘Body Nature’ is sure to make you float off into memories of sunnier climes and sandier dances, and where else would we want to be right now?

“When I started working on the Astroturismo EP I didn't know the music I was writing was going to shape into an EP. Finalizing the first track "Body Nature" helped me a lot to orientate the correct use of all the music I have been producing during the lockdown months and Rhythm Section team was constantly supporting me to make me feel free to explore musically without needing to stick to club music. "Body Nature embodies strong energies, in a very personal way: I noted down those silly lyrics and kept singing the melody in my head for days, in the end that drove me to create a groove that would work and transfer the mood I was feeling. This track is about feeling a relief with dancing, whether in a private moment like I did in those days or in a public space, few easy moves to trigger positive energy and improve your emotional state.” ~ Paula