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1x Vinyl 7" 45 RPM



Release date

Jan 1, 2000

Declaration Of Right riddim featuring beautiful voice of Anthony Johnson ! Tuff one Anthony Johnson – Africa

Declaration Of Right riddim featuring beautiful voice of Anthony Johnson ! Tuff one

Anthony Johnson – Africa

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Anthony Johnson - Africa


Jah Warrior - Africa Dub

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Jacobus Derwort started exploring sonic soundscapes listening to his short-wave world receiver at the age of 12. There he would hear music from Africa, China, Japan, Indonesia, South America and beyond. He started playing guitar, piano, percussion and saxophone.He met Hanyo van Oosterom in 1978 and they started the legendary cult rock band, 'The Jones'. Derwort was playing the sax, van Oosterom the drums. They started conducting sound experiments in Hanyo’s small cellar in the Dutch village of Krimpen aan den IJssel.In the early eighties they made their first cassette, 'The Kallikatsou'. Hanyo started the ambient collective CHI in 1983. Jacobus was the first musician to join CHI. Together, they went to the magic rock “The Kallikatsou” on the island of Patmos, Greece. Here, Hanyo had stayed for months in a cave for some deep soul-searching. He heard the sound of CHI in the silence of the night like a message from out of space. Being together at the Kallikatsou they shaped the foundation of CHI, making handmade flutes from local bamboo and conducting field recordings ofwater, crickets, owls, goats, wind, etc...Back home they asked Willem Cramer to join CHI, and later Michel Banabila. They released a legendary ambient cassette, 'The Original Recordings', in 1983 which soon became a collectors item. CHI stopped in 1987 (and still now nobody knows exactly why). Willem Cramer and Michel Banabila started the world music collective 'East Meets West' in 1989. Hanyo and Jacobus kept recording ambient soundscapes.Jacobus was working on his 'Bamboo' recordings. Hanyo recorded the first tracks for 'The Kallikatsou Experience'. Neither album was ever released. They returned a few times together to The Kallikatsou, but there the history seems to end...…until decades later when Astral Industries located them after a long search, inspired by Rod Modell (Deepchord). The result was the vinyl release of CHI – The Original Recordings in February 2016. The album received great reviews and sold out in a few weeks.This inspired Hanyo and Jacobus to work on an old plan: remixing the old bamboo recordings. Most tracks were made in the eighties before and after CHI. Original tape recordings using mainly analogue sounds, percussion, samples and (of course)bamboo flutes and manipulated clarinets. Hanyo added some new recordings and remixed the old tapes in his Numoonlab Studio in Rotterdam. The result was 'The Bamboo Recordings', a timeless collection of ambient soundscapes.THE CHI FACTORY is the next step of CHI into the future. It will involve many future ambient collaborations. The next release will be 'The Kallikatsou Recordings'(Astral Industries 2016 TBA). Also bringing back the original line-up of CHI for new recordings is part of the plan. Who knows what may happen next.The Bamboo Recordings have been produced and remixed by Hanyo vanOosterom. Original recordings by Jacobus Derwort.Jacobus Derwort: bamboo flutes, clarinet, guitar, samples, loops, saxophone,percussion, field recordings.Hanyo van Oosterom: piano, bass, guitar, percussion, flute, samples and drones.The Bamboo Recordings contain voice samples from around the world,including Tibetan monks, Sufi chanting, a Hopi elder, a Hopi woman, Fulani storytellers, a Japanese girl singing, Spanish and Greek children, excerpts from Gratitude For The Gaze by Nikos Eliou and much more...
Barry Issac, Dub Doctor ‎– Birthday Song / Sound System Dub
Limited to 250 copies. Marion Molle and Ronan Riou’s duo revisits french lo-fi synth pop in a fairytale way. Something has been brewing in France in recent years. Underground record shops, small venues, labels and young musicians create a new vibe in various parts of the country.Jean-Marie Mercimek is one of those projects coming out of this new scene, utilising their collection of rare automatic casio keyboards, frequency modulation chanson and tape collages towards a multilayered comic book journey in form of a concert. As if there was an animated wax brush painted cartoon version of Elli & Jacno.Sounds images & text by Ronan Riou & Marion MolleMastering by EquusEdition of 250 on black vinylWith insert
The duo behind the double album “Duets”, consisting of musicians Bendik Baksaas & Kristoffer Eikrem, is a minimalistic and cinematic ambient experience with emotion, creatively conducted by simple melodies and sounds. Duets’ emotional nerve has some emphasis on the traditional ambient form of music, but at the same time has more of an imaginary and comprehensive take on structure, form and melodies with organic elements spontaneously scattered throughout the music. These organic elements can be heard through the trumpet’s lyrical sounds, field recordings from various parts of the world (recorded by Baksaas) and percussion loops. Baksaas & Eikrem are interested in maintaining the same playfulness and communication often found in jazz bands.Baksaas & Eikrem had already worked together several years prior in 2015, when Baksaas worked with the jazz band Mopti, which Eikrem was already a member of. Their musical collaboration however developed after one concert, where the band Mopti decided that the two of them should perform a duo piece. Both were positively surprised by the result (takes from the concert can be heard on the track “This is nothing personal”) and decided to continue their collaboration together aside from Mopti.Apart from some musical and field recordings, the the album was recorded in Baksaas’ studio, improvised over various ideas. Bendik Baksaas has mixed the album and it is mastered by Christian Obermayer at Strype Audio.
Rub a Dub tune powered by an heavy rootical riddim featuring King Kong & Lone Ranger ! As you can ear we have a big combination on this maxi, which is not so common in our days.. Roots music like back in the days ! Love it .. Another heavy one production from the great Roberto Sanchez

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