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'Experimental multi-instrumentalist Dave Cudlip releases his debut full- length album as Radiolarians via brand new experimental label Klang Tone Records.

Having already garnered plaudits from one of the most authoritative voices in UK electronic music, Electronic Sound magazine, the 10-track album presents a stunning and unique combination of ethereal ambient soundscapes, undulating rhythms and jarring sound collages; the result of what Cudlip describes as a “quick and spontaneous” recording process using a limited setup of analogue synthesisers and drum machines.

The release marks an exciting new chapter for Klang Tone, which is already considered a musical institution in the vibrant town of Stroud, Gloucestershire. The record shop, founded by avant-grade sound artist and obsessive crate-digger Sean Roe has earned a reputation as one of the South West’s nuclei for contemporary jazz, electronic and experimental music.

After the instantly sold-out limited edition lathe-cut 7” of the Radiolarians single ‘Obsidian 2’, Klang Tone is now proud to launch its label arm proper with Radiolarians as its first limited run vinyl release.'

Dave Cudlip was born in North Devon. After moving to Stroud as a child and playing in bands as a teenager, he left the West Country to study archaeology at Durham University, with his subsequent work as an archaeologist taking Cudlip all over Britain. After returning to Stroud, Cudlip has continued to make music, drawing on his love for the work of artists such as Harmonia and Autechre. He created Radiolarians in response to what he calls the “tyranny of choice” when it comes to electronic instruments, streamlining his creative process and consciously limiting his options to produce a veritable distillation of extraordinary ideas.

Written, Performed,Recorded and Mixed by Radiolarians.
Mastered by Ed DMX.
Artwork by Detritus Plates.
Notes/Story by Matthew Ingram (Woebot).
Layout & Design by Nick Buckle.