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House Or Home

Retiree - House Or Home | Rhythm Section International (RS024) - main
Retiree - House Or Home | Rhythm Section International (RS024) - 1Retiree - House Or Home | Rhythm Section International (RS024) - 2




Pumice Stone


Magic Eye (feat Sui Zhen)


Another Day


Line In The Dirt


Mystery Bay


House Or Home


Past Time

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Rhythm Section International (RS024)

1x Vinyl LP Album

Date: 18 sept. 2018, UK

Australian group Retiree: the musical project of Matt Crowley, Tori Holleman and Marco Vella return to Rhythm Section with a new record. The album's songs explore the theme of 'house or home' and what that means in present day Australia for different people. They journey from an aboriginal tent embassy on the south coast of New South Wales, a retirement village, a one room flat in the suburbs of Melbourne and a sleepless 17 hour stop over in Malaysia. From the slo-mo neon-lit pop of "Migrate", the catchy '80s revivalism of "Pumice Stone" or "Line In The Dirt" and even moments of balearic deep house like "Mystery Bay" - Retiree present a cohesive effort here. Definitely ones to keep your eye on in 2018 and beyond.