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Nov 24, 2017

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Electro Days



75 All The Way






Memory Pool



TimeFrame 1



TimeFrame 2



TimeFrame 3



Detachable Needs



In Light / In Darkness



Turn Bad


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Repress!Eureka! is starting a strictly limited 12inch project with secret two tracks by UK crossover and broken beats maestro Kaidi Tatham.For the first missive on their limited-edition, vinyl only offshoot, the Eureka! label has secured two secret weapons from broken beat mainstay, future jazz-funk hero and all-round don Kaidi Tatham. He's in typically fluid form on A-side 'There's Something in the Water', a loose and languid chunk of immersive bruk-up warmth full of sci-fi synth sounds, liquid electric piano solos, rubbery bass guitar, crispy drums and classic-sounding flute solos. 'Coffee Time (Kaidi Tatham Remix)' is a vintage rework from the vaults whose distinctive rhythm includes vocal samples, crunchy snares and jazzy cymbals. Throw in his usual fine instrumentation and you have another luscious broken beat gem.
Faithful to the ethos of the label to put new talents on the map, the second E2-E8 release comes from newcomer Hems. A regular punter at underground festivals such as Freerotation and Labyrinth, Hems spends some of his time making great electronic music in his East London cave… And we are very happy to be the first to put his music out.A fine connoisseur of ambient and electronica, Hems has sometimes featured on the line-ups of Astral Industries parties. This release covers a wide spectrum of his sound. The almost beatless title track Post Radiance opens things up, followed by the subtle dub techno of I Know This Road and by the raw and relentless beat of Dirty Chords. On the B side, Let It Go is a suspended 15-minutes journey clocking in at 140bpm – arguably the highlight of the EP, sounding like little else out there. Madsituation closes the EP, with a nod at lighter atmospheres and a hint at Detroit-influenced strings.Techno heads will be pleased to hear that the record has already got praises from techno talent Refracted, who loves Let It Go, and from Jane Fitz.
In 2006 the now defunct BaseLogic label released the first in a triad of EP's entitled 'Fixxy', produced by the enigmatic British artist Ed Chamberlain. These EPs left many electronic music lovers scratching their heads, having heard something genuinely different. It represented a new generation of IDM reminiscent of The Black Dog or Plaid, melancholic electro with a meticulous nuanced palate that immediately transformed Chamberlain into a revered figure.Fifteen years on Lapsus Records, as part of its 'Perennial' series, will release Ed Chamberlain’s superlative productions across 2x12", entitled '03/06'. The lavish 12” double pack will feature a sizeable part of the ‘Fixxy’ material, along with additional tracks created during the same period of time, 2003 – 2006, including 'Zarathustra' and 'Does Ape' –the latter released on vinyl in 2008 by Madrid label Semantica–. For this special release all tracks have been re-mastered and will be pressed and packaged in a deluxe edition format.
Disco Segreta brings a true obscure gem to italo-disco die-hard fans !For the first time ever on a 12” release, Patrizia Saronni’s “E poi” and “Perché Dovrei”, only previously released as a 45 for the tiny Pongo label back in 1984.“E poi” is a female-voiced tearjerker sung over a heart-melting italo-electro-synth line, while “Perché Dovrei” is a power synth-pop-talo rebellion anthem. But the most wonderful discovery has been that of an unreleased alternate version of “E Poi” that didn’t make the original release, which sounds crafted exactly for today’s dance floors. Repress is officially licensed and dubbed from the actual analog masters. Limited edition black vinyl !
Biga Ranx is a major artist of the international Dub Scene, he has been acclaimed by the biggest Jamaican MC's over the years for his unique flow and style. From the age of 14, Biga has been working on his lyrics and his compositions. After 5 albums and 1000 gigs over the world, Biga Ranx his still evolving his style by mixing Dub with Electronic, Lo-Fi and Hip Hop sounds.1988 is his 4th album and the most successful one, it sold 80 000 units around the world and tens millions of streams.

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