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Un bon vinyle ou une bonne bière ? Prenez-donc les deux ! Le Discopathe à Montpellier c’est à la fois un disquaire avec des titres nombreux et hétéroclites, mais aussi un bar avec des produits régionaux et une programmation musicale variée toutes les semaines. Venez partager notre passion pour la musique et la gastronomie en allant fouiller dans nos bacs tout en dégustant ce que le terroir languedocien à de meilleur à offrir !

Montpellier ce n’est pas la porte à côté ? Pas de panique, ça se soigne : vous pouvez retrouver sur le site notre sélection musicale (+3000 titres tout de même) triée par genres, artistes, labels, pays etc. N’hésitez pas non plus à jeter un œil à nos best-sellers, nos titres en pré-commande ou encore nos produits dérivés !

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Part hexagonal lube-pool, part peatman’s gallbladder; EEL marks an encephalitic (onward) plowter for both of us. Like intractable flagellations hoisted through individual druse romps, staminate bleachfields give way to unillustrated gonging, in chiefly 12V 3A veinlets.EEL – acronymised in ‘pen scrape’ – decontaminates, in our eye, four key baronial globoids, expunging gladly by 5 pin toddy ladle. In the torrential burn below, head hair, jaw hair and clothes sticky, stinking and greased with black charcoaled remains; arms are held aloft, supplicants to a muse long rent from this earth.
Leda - Excerpt from 'Neuter'Sofie Herner (Enhet För Fri Musik, Neutral) returns with Neuter, the first proper album since the Gitarrmusik III-X LP released on Förlag För Fri Musik back in 2017. Neuter was recorded between 2018 and 2021 and is the culmination of a very distinctive and unmistakable sound Sofie has developed and refined during close to 10 years now. The music of Leda is based on primitive guitar loops of various lenghts, loops that intervenes and creates peculiar rhythms and subtle harmonies. Slow-burning proto-industrial basement buzz with occasional vocals buried in the mix. The connection to the sullen soundscapes of Neutral is of course there, but the skeletal, monotonous compositions and austere nature of things sets this apart widely. Years has passed and Neuter is ultimately more Malmö than Gothenburg. Hints has been thrown out on a handful of limited in-between releases on labels like Knotwilg and Kashual Plastik during the last few years, but Neuter is the pinnacle of Herner's body of solo work. Nine tracks, 37 minutes.
FANTASY SEXFantasy SexFordamning Arkiv
Deep ruminations and meaningful explorations of sombre stillness and inward contemplation on this new album from Berlino/Italiano sister-brother duo Aperture. Alongside guest instrument players, here they serve up a very wholesome deep dive into electro-acoustic late night dream pop and avant-garde folk music on the Stray Signals label.This one has now landed from the pressing plant (finally) and is ready to be dished out to the world in all it's stretched out beauty, in an (accidental) limited edition of 150 copies -"Aperture is a current studio and live project created by Italian born/Berlin based siblings Emanuele and Elisabetta Porcinai. This is their 2nd album following up from the outstanding debut “Threads” from 2018.Their music explores tension between hushed intimate spoken vocals and singing amidst detailed soundscapes of guitars, bass and percussion soaked in electronically derived detailing, working with a reduced brittle instrumentation that at first calls to mind the more subdued moments of Sonic Youth’s 1st album and the quiet tension of the dreamy parts of Sister, the non-bombastic and tense subtleties in the low passages of Slint and that band’s off-shoot The For Carnation, a music that sounds as afloat as it evokes walking-on-eggshells in a very quiet room. A somnambulant atmosphere which seems to teeter as if it could explode and shatter at any moment, but doesn’t.In the course of the 9 tracks on this remarkable and unique album we are presented with aperfectly considered, fastidiously composed and produced song cycle.On this recording Aperture are abetted by some very strong collaborators: Drummer/percussionist Andrea Belfi who in this instance deploys a spacious atmospheric free-flow of reduced accents and insinuated beats rather than the frenetic synchronicity he is known for. This airy approach bodes with the minimalistic and considered sparse tonal flow of Alf Brooks’ reduced bass and subtle electronics.Accented by somber piano passages, yearning harmonium drones and unidentified quiet clatter of light atmospheric noise and the overall low tempo of the suite, it is as sparse and hushed as a Feldman piece by the end of the second side of the LP incorporating what seems like domestic sound sources in a natural space with the flute of collaborator Martina Brandorff chiming in some otherworldly lyricism.Closing out the record is a bare-as-can be lead vocal from brother Emanuele with just an acoustic guitar and his striking tenor voice which is so transparent one could think he was playing in your room."At the end of this text we quoted here (written by Dean Roberts) - the writer concludes that, although the free form and organic textures could lead one to think so, this is by no means just another 'lofi improvised record', and that it is in fact one of the most 'most considered, well constructed and most beautiful records heard in a very long time' -After full listen - headphones or at least immersive speaker positioning recommended - we have to agree with the above sentiment.This record is a thing of beauty, rich in detail and musically extremely flexible - going from subtle minimalism to tear jerking grandeur, through softest intimate moments, to near abrasive, yet still somehow delicate string manipulations... This record floats it's way through an ever unfolding narrative - there is no rush at all to reach the final destination, but when it does... You'll be consumed and taken into it's world, left with the music as an undefinable, yet strong feeling. Like a distant memory of a story you dreamed of once... Written in Berlin and Milan by Elisabetta and Emanuele Porcinai, 2020-2022.Recorded and mixed by Emanuele Porcinai and Alfred Brooks at Studio Distante in Berlin, 2021.Bass, Drums, Electronics and Production on Everyone, Paper Cities and Read Me a Poem by Alfred Brooks. Drums on Everyone by Andrea Belfi. Flute on Read Me a Poem by Martina Brandorff. Mastered by Loop-OCover photo and Design: Elisabetta Porcinai.APERTUREStanzeStray Signals
ISLE011 is a collection of cassette recordings made in Athens by Christos Chondropoulos over the last five years. Coming from an avant-garde percussion background, Christos calls upon themes of ancient Greek folklore and musical tradition through a futurist lens depicting robotic societies in post-human harmony. He constructs worlds reminiscent of Marcello Giombini’s Mondial Folk series or Umiliani’s exoticised Omicron outings. By looking to the future rather than the far-off past, he builds upon these early instances of technologically charged cultural geography and presents an authentically Greek reading of a parallel Athenian basin. Where his last work for 12th Isle explored once-forbidden tunings and unplaceable tonalities, these recordings further expand on the artist’s simultaneous concern for heritage and imaginary projection. Across the final Side D, Chondropoulos explores themes of maternal love present across the album by working with local singer Sofia Sarri to record six piercing, beautiful acapella phrases.
On behalf of re:discovery records, it is with great excitement that we announce the Adham Shaikh compilation titled 'Early Works 92-94'.Adham Shaikh is a treasured ambient, dub and keyboardist artist out of Vancouver Canada who's early to mid-90's tracks found their way to seminal labels like Instinct, Dossier, Interchill and his own label Modulation Elektronik.This collection represents a choice selection of key early works that begins with 'Ascend', whose spacey dub atmosphere is one of the 1990's hidden ambient dub gems. 'Vapor' complete's the a-side with its other-wordly trip into organic and spatial dub ambience. The b-side features the 16+ minute magnificent ethereal odyssey 'Windgate 11:11', that has been a fan favourite for over 25 years now. The 22-minute peak track named 'Oberon (Greymatter) that spreads across the C side was taken from his debut EP 'Realignment' of his Modulation Elektronik label in 1993. Perhaps the most proto-techno track on here, it is prime example of the freeform expression of the time in ambient dub. The last track featured here is one that shares the same title; Adham Shaikh's most revered and most beloved album 'Journey to the Sun'.
Modern Obscure Music turns to Japan for inspiration, here Suemori debuts on the Barcelona based imprint."From the first track, you can feel the influence of the Far East in both the melodies and rhythms created by Suemori. The music is complemented by Mayte Nicole Esteban’s impressive artwork.Suemori’s real name is Yoshinobu Hoshina. He previously recorded as Hoshina Anniversary. Under this alias, Hoshina released music on labels such as Boysnoize Records and ESP Institute. As Suemori he released the Maebashi album earlier in 2021 on Elena Colombi’s Osàre! Editions imprint.Tawamure is an album of richly textured compositions. Pianos and electronics are equally important. Some tracks are beatless and others have an unorthodox approach to percussion. We begin with the playful yet sombre pianos and strings of Mou Aenaindesune もう会えないんですね . Honshin 本心 has a magical beauty and Konton 混沌 Chaos is as chaotic as you would expect. There is so much to explore on this wonderful album from Suemori."
This is one of the best long-lost treasure from the 80s – and it's one long composition filled with raw sounds from the jungle, natural objects and electronic treatment. The idea to evoke a deep journey in the Amazon rainforest has affected various musicians in the history of popular and experimental music, but comparing to other works this rare Amazonia 6891, released only on cassette in 1986, appears as totally original and extreme in his conception. Here, the interest in ethnomusicology of the expert Walter Maioli (mind of Aktuala and Futuro Antico projects) is linked to a precise and comprehensive ecological, botanical, ethological and ethnographic perspective. In fact, starting from the sound recording of the ethnographer Pit Piccinelli's collection of natural objects, the collected material for this work is re-elaborate in different times by the anthropologist and electronic pioneer Fred Gales and by Maioli him-self. The result of this multi-disciplinary approach its 'a long concrete poem of plant organisms, fields recordings of verses and calls of tropical animals futuristically mixed with electronic sounds, as already happened for the great experimental trials of Futuro Antico and Ariel Kalma's Osmose. Listen this imaginative collage look like to entering in a precious cabinet of antiquities and curiosity whose wonders of multi-coloured cellular fragments are shaped in the synthesis of a single universal sound matter. The merger between the wild jungle, the mysterious voices of the Indians and the oscillation of the electronic waves creates a spasmodic tension between amazing and heavenly moments that leaked also obscure paths and alien sequences. So, Amazonia 6891 it's a magic trip into the unknown wild, into abyss of creation of kaleidoscopic floras and faunas, simply a proposal for a synesthetic experience and multi-sensory.

Favorite News Reggae : Selections de Killer Tunes en provenance des quatre coins du monde

KHERU JONAH DAN / BORISMeditation RockJah Waggyslimited 12"
Killer Dub333 records drops a much needed reissue of Rupie Dan's "My Black Race" 12" from 1982. A huge Shaka selection featuring one of the heaviest dubs available from this era of U.K. roots production. Originally written and produced by Rupie for his Flag Records label, with engineering from Tony Addis (later of Addis Posse and the Warriors Dance label.)
Sangie Davis might be best known for co-writing Bob Marley's 'Waiting In Vain', but his lesser-sung originals are just as quality. 'Jingling Keys' is one such song: a roots reggae tune with a message of liberation hemmed into the symbolic theme of keys jingling in an insurgent's pocket. The dub version functions as a key-change (get it?), which serves to slow down the tune and bask in its two-tone emotions on a deeper level.7" + bookletSangie DAVISJingling KeysHorus
Bad one !!! Do not miss this wonderful reissue available once again for the first time I Man / Trouble Freddy Clarke & I Roy
Premiering a first-time collaboration between Indica Dubs & The Disciples! Coming together to bring you these 3 thunderous long-awaited 10” singles, with 6 different instrumental tracks, plus their dub mixes! CHAMBERS OF DUB; full of melodies, hard-hitting drums, heavyweight bass lines, numerous dubbing effects, and more! Something of the past and future, not compromising or drifting from the militant essence of UK Dub. Each tune and every dub mix takes you on a different path but the same journey through the Chambers of Dub, deep dubwise style! All tracks produced by Indica Dubs & The Disciples, and mixed by The Disciples.
Another great stuff by swedish producer Jah Massive ! No jokeJAH MASSIVE ALL STARSHigher StepJah Waggys
In loving memory of UK Principal (1961-2020):Born in Dulwich South East London 1961, Douglas Sparks aka UK Principal, started his music engagement by singing in the church and school choir from 1969.Then in the 70’s started selecting records as a selector for a sound called Lion Mattic, UKP's cousin sound in Derby, and during the summer holidays, he also started MCing for the sound system. Here he developed a unique style of vocals which gave a unique flavour to the reggae beats.In the late 70’s - 80’s his friends in Lee Green created a sound called Enforcer which was a Party Sound "with vibes". Since then, UK Principal has worked with sounds like Gemini UK, Virgo, Stereo Classic, Prince Melody and various other sounds.Since 1989, UKP joined a band called The Worries with whom he was comfortable performing live on a stage. The concept of The Worries was an idea of his friend Winston aka Serpy with Animal aka Leroy, but forming the band wasn’t easy because the transition from the sound system required much work to be done.In 2009, UK Principal recorded a sound system hit in Europe on Jah Shaka record label "Word Is Jah" which was one of the best selling tunes in 2010, and it is still going strong in the sound system scene nowadays. Later he completed the "Know HIM" LP alongside Young Warrior and worked with Roots Hi-tek to produce the tune "Oil In My Lamp".In 2013 UKP also released a tune called "Hola Meditation" produced by Rainbow Sounds released on Jah Militant record label.In 2014, UK Principal joined the Rainbow Band for a series of shows that culminated with a live show in Paris at La Grange à Musique as opening act for the legendary Black Uhuru band. UKP remained a regular member of the Rainbow Sounds and joined its Dubhouse band for the regular monthly event at Grow, Hackney in north London in the following years.From 2017 to 2020 UK Principal worked with various producers, creating a collection of singles that will remain a stepping stone in the UK reggae scene.UK Principal was vocally trained in Jazz, but also loved his reggae influences from Jerry Lions, Leroy Davis, Leroy Simmonds, Tad Hunter, Horseman, Ricky Ranking, Ras Jahny aka Johnny Dollar and his two brothers, Maxi Priest, the Fab Five aka the Saxon crew, Mr Shorty and Alphonse with Jimmy Knuckles, but there are too many to mention.Uk Principal died from coronavirus in 2020. créditsparu le 1 mars 2023Music produced, arranged and mixed by Luca Battiston at Rainbow Sounds (UK) \ Vocal and Lyrics by UK Principal \ Trumpet by Dom Clark \ Guitar by Aldo CouceirolicenceUK Principal – Fyah it ah Blaze